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Sure Steps is the educating innovative program which engages your child academically, socially and technologically.

About the Sure Steps

With over years of experience in the educational sector, interactions with the student community & the parents, and the current trend of the society, lead us to come up with the new age concept of “ Sure Steps… the student companion”. We are glad to be a companion of every child’s learning process and personality development. We ensure  every students learning is celebrated as never before with our hand in hand support to overcome the challenges in academics and personality development.

Our Motto

Sure steps extend a helping hand to every child in their academics as well as overall development of personality. The accent is to provide optimal guidance in the child’s formative years, since childhood is the most precious period in an individuals growing & learning process.

Learning process

It is an endeavor to complement the students learning process in a homely, optimal & conducive atmosphere.

Time Utilization

After school hours are effectively utilized to improve the students knowledge, skills & talents.

Our Curriculum

Planned Material

The curriculum & study content is planned to synchronize with his/her subject content at school with focus on revision, homework & in-depth study

Enhanced Learning

The focus is to enhance the students language skills, mathematics & science subjects, to create a firm foundation for a bright career ahead

Bright Career

The student hobbies, skills & talents are evaluated, assisted & guided to enhance them

Study Progress

The study progress is assessed regularly and guided to improve and do better

What We do ?


“Learning is fun”

Sure Steps provides a serene environment for personalized academic learning for different subjects.

         “…… a home at home for learning & growing”

Personality development

“The distinctive child”

Every child is unique. Each child possess certain traits which make him/her unique. Apart from academic support Sure Steps ensures support to groom the child to stand out and be distinctive.

                                                     “…….the ultimate necessity”

Life skills development

“Innovative learning platform”

Sure Steps is an innovative learning platform which also focuses on training your child in life skills development which would be an advantage to the child among his/her peers.

                                                   “…….the day to day need”

Trending Now

“Evolving with the world”

The world is constantly evolving, you need a learning management system that helps your child evolve as fast as the world does. With Sure Steps, your child will have the foundation to receive an unmatched experience in current and technological happenings from around the world.

                                            “…….for knowing is knowledge & knowledge is treasure”

In-class curriculum/activity

The focus of Sure Steps is to provide optimal guidance in the child’s formative years and contribute to the overall development of the child.

We extend a helping hand to every child of class I to X in :


  • We provide academic assistance and guidance to the child in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English
  • We inculcate the concept of self learning by which the child is encouraged to learn the academic concepts by themselves. The instructor shall provide additional help and guide the students in academics and other spheres
  • Daywise study material will be provided to the child for the ongoing topics of the subjects that are taught in their schools for a better insight of the same

Personality & life skills development

  • The main focus is to make the child realize his/her abilities and perform to their best in this competitive world
  • We nurture the child and guide him/her to their best with our adaptive personality & life skills development curriculum
  • We strengthen the child’s inherant abilities, motivate and guide him/her to participate in the group discussions and group activities, organized by Sure Steps as well as the community
  • Our student chapters focus on all round development of the child’s personality

Trending now

  • Our daywise curriculum is formulated to update the child with day-to-day happenings and events in politics, sports, science, technology etc
  • The classes are interactive to encourage the child to speak out and communicate.

How it is done

Classwise & subjectwise categorizaton of students is done

Trained & dedicated instructors help & guide the young minds to learn, decipher & improve their skills

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    A. It is an after school student engagement program. We extend a helping hand to every child of class I to X in

    • Academics
    • Personality & life skills development
    • Current affairs, latest technologies & updates

    A. All the classes are held in the clubhouse inside the community.

    A. All the classes shall be held in the evenings 6pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday

    A. Its simple. Fill in the enrollment form in the enrollment section on the website and you are done. You are enrolled !

    A. To know about the fee particulars, kindly contact us.

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